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3 Tips For The Night Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

The night before a boudoir shoot can be a little nerve-wracking. You are checking to make sure you got all your outfits packed to bring, you're wondering how it will go, and the nerves start to set in. Though I always tell ladies coming into do a boudoir shoot that there is nothing to worry about or stress over, we are here to guide and help you; EVERYONE always says how nervous they are! So, just know that you are not the only one! I completely understand, too, this is something out of most women's comfort zones, so it is entirely okay to feel those nerves. But the part to remember is; that you are strong and brave enough to face those nerves, insecure thoughts, and doubts head-on by doing the shoot. So many women say they are doing the boudoir shoot to get out of their comfort zones or find themselves and little do you know, you are already on the journey before the boudoir shoot. So when you are getting nervous the night before your boudoir shoot, here are some tips to remember!

1. HYDRATE! Drink A LOT of water! Hydration makes your skin look AMAZING!

2. Stretch (trust me on this one). I know it seems silly, but let me tell you, boudoir sessions are a workout! You will be bending in weird ways and holding many different poses, so to avoid those sore muscles and increase your flexibility, do some light stretches! Not to mention, any form of physical activity is excellent when you're nervous! Just look up a quick YouTube video and go through a flow.

3. Exfoliate! Not only will this have your skin looking glowy and fresh, but you also are treating yourself to some relaxation to calm any nerves.

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