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5 Ways to Have an Amazing Boudoir Session

A boudoir shoot can be a life-changing experience if you come into the studio with an open mind. I cannot stress how important that last part is in particular. We are here to give you the best experience possible, but that also requires you to let your walls down. We know it can be challenging and uncomfortable, but once you do, you will never look back. A feeling you have after a boudoir shoot will follow you through the rest of your life. The sense of confidence, self-love, and acceptance can and will be an altering experience. But it is essential that you let it; you cannot hold yourself back from your journey and growth. With all that in mind, here are some ways to ensure you have a fantastic boudoir shoot.

1. Leave the negative self-talk at the door

As women, we all have insecurities or things we would like to change about ourselves. Just mention any of these to us but DO NOT talk down upon yourself in the process. I don't allow that negative self-talk in my studio! We are here to have a good time, feel confident, and empowered, NOT talk poorly about ourselves.

2. Know that you are not alone

Every single woman coming to do a boudoir shoot is nervous and anxious, ALLL the feelings. I promise that you are not alone when feeling this way! I know when you are looking at social media and my website, you look at these ladies and just assume they are the most confident person there ever was to be able to have their boudoir photos posted. When in reality, they were TERRIFIED to come into the boudoir shoot. They were nervous and feeling anxious. But once they finished their shoot, they left the studio with their heads held high, feeling like a million bucks, and once they saw those photos and saw how truly amazing they were, THAT is why they chose to share them. So please keep in mind EVERYONE is nervous leading up to and even at the boudoir session itself; it is completely NORMAL!

3. Take advantage of the whole experience

From the prep to the shopping to the session itself, just have fun with it! A boudoir session is all about embracing who you are, so revel in it! Indulge in the pampering and take the time to treat yourself. We give you body scrubs, body butter, etc., for a reason! Buy some sexy bodysuits! Have fun shopping with a friend and trying the bodysuits on. Do not let your insecure thoughts and negative self-talk diminish your experience. Let yourself be free and savor it.

4. Know that you are going to love your photos and look AMAZING in them

Ladies come in with the mindset that they will have a hard time finding a few pictures they like. In reality, it is the opposite, and you will have a difficult time narrowing through the ones you love! My expertise is posing you in a way that flatters every one of your curves, so trust me when I say you will have a hard time narrowing down all the gorgeous options!

5. Believe in yourself

You took the most challenging step of booking the session already. Now all you have to do is show up to the session prepared to get glam and posed from your nose to your toes. I know it sounds more accessible than it is, but I promise you the world will not end when you show up for the boudoir session. Have faith in yourself because you are a fantastic woman taking the time to do something for yourself that you deserve.

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