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3 Tips For The Day of Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

You booked the boudoir session, and the day is right around the corner; AHHHH! Many ladies tell me this is when the nerves start to kick in. Your checking to make sure all your outfits are on point, you have used your pamper package goodies, but the nerves are there! Boudoir is something out of many women's comfort zones. Here are some tips that may help those nerves as well as help you be completely prepared for your session!

1. Don't skip breakfast the morning of your shoot; this can be a real workout, so you will need the energy! Even if you find it hard to eat when the nerves are kicking in, just have something light that won't cause you to bloat!

2. Set the vibe of the day, and do something you love that will center you before you leave! Maybe a quick yoga flow, reading a book, a brief meditation, or chatting with your best friend on the phone!

3. Set the tone by making a playlist to jam out to while you're on the way to the studio! We can also use that playlist to jam out to while you're in hair and makeup and during your shoot!

BONUS TIP. Skip the deodorant and tight clothes (I know leaving the house without a bra and deodorant is not everyone's favorite thing) but trust me! Deodorant can get on your outfits, and wearing tight clothes during hair and makeup can leave marks on your skin! So put on some comfy flowing clothes if you can!

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