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The Craziest Boudoir Session We’ve Ever Done!

I was always open to client suggestions when it came to boudoir sessions. I love how creative ladies would get with their ideas and concepts! It would always challenge me, test my skills, and keep me on my toes. Our most crazy boudoir session had to be one from the summer where we had a HORSE join in some of the pictures. The client came to me with the idea, and OF CORSE, how could I say no to that? I have always wanted to capture horses in a boudoir shoot, so it was a total dream come true. The session was so much fun, we captured so many pictures around the location, and most importantly, got the horse in some shots. It was definitely one of the most unique sessions we have ever done and it was so much fun to be able to capture it. The funniest part was, that we posted a few behind the scene clips on Tik Tok and it blew up!

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