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Reflecting on Sparkle and Sleigh Mini Sessions

For the past 4 years, November ALWAYS meant sparkle and sleigh mini sessions. Every year we would offer these Christmas-themed mini sessions, which were the full experience, at a discounted price. We also included an exclusive stocking stuffer product with the minis, but the biggest part of these sessions was that all products would be in just in time for Christmas. It was always perfect if you needed a gift for that special someone in your life, but didn't know what to get them, or a perfect gift for yourself. We would always book out these sessions and they were always a hit with clients. It always got me in the Christmas spirit as well. We would get out our red couch, set up a couple of Christmas trees, and crank the holiday tunes.

As much fun as these sessions were, I cannot lie, having the extra free time to spend with my family has been amazing. I don't have to worry about making sure I place orders on time or stress about delivery dates. It is definitely refreshing not to have any extra stress going into this holiday season. I am always grateful for my clients and doing what I love, but I will admit, I am excited to spend this extra time with my family.

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