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Reflecting on Witchy Mini Sessions

Now that we are officially in the spooky season, it's time to talk about the witchy mini-sessions we did last October. Last October we were feeling inspired by the season and had an idea we just couldn't ignore. Spooky, witchy, dark, and moody mini sessions. Like hello? TO DIE FOR! We put out a feeler in our VIP boudoir group and the ladies went CRAZY for it and we instantly knew we had to make this happen. We had a vintage fireplace as the star of the show. We added alllll the candles, spooky, and witchy decor, and let me tell you, it was AMAZINGG!! We had 5 lovely previous clients book these mini-sessions, and they brought the VIBES! We had all the clients come at once, so it felt like one big party. Everyone was able to be each other's hype girls and cheer each other on. The hair and makeup were ON POINT (as always). Everyone went for dark and smokey looks, some purple was even incorporated. Everyone looked amazing and the session itself was such a fun time. We had some drinks and a charcuterie board and the vibes were just immaculate. Themed sessions like these were always so much fun. Themes definitely can bring a whole fresh take on boudoir sessions and our spooky minis were no exception.

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