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Outfits to Bring to a Boudoir Session That Aren’t Lingerie

Boudoir sessions are something out of 99.99% of women's comfort zones. You are exposing yourself to someone and being vulnerable in ways you never imagined. It is a process that really strips you down (figuratively and literally). Ladies often come to me wanting to do a boudoir shoot, but lacy lingerie isn't their thing. At Soul Shine Boudoir, we pride ourselves on customizing the experience for each client. This includes not forcing ladies to wear lacy lingerie if they don't want to (I know, crazy concept!) You can 100% do a boudoir shoot without getting naked, wearing lingerie, or in your bra and underwear. We are here to give you the best experience possible and empower you in the way you need it. For some, that is baring it all; for others, it is more empowering to be covered. We welcome all visions and ideas at Soul Shine boudoir. If you are a gal who isn't into wearing lingerie, not into showing a lot of skin or just wants to try a different version of boudoir, this blog is for you. I have compiled a bunch of items you can bring, most of which you probably have in your closet already. Throughout I have even added some pictures from session that have incorporated some of these items, so you can get an idea of them in the boudoir light!

I absolutely love a cozy off-the-shoulder sweater moment! The pictures I take of clients in a cozy sweater always end up being a hit. I see so many ladies with their Facebook profile pictures of them from their sweater sets! The images are sexy and powerful without showing all the goods! Sweaters never go out of style; you probably even have one in your closet already that you can bring! If you are going to purchase one for your session, make sure to grab it in a size or two bigger than your usual choice, we want it to be cozy and pull it off to the side to show a little shoulder. Not to mention this outfit allows us to add a little bit of your personality in it as well. We can have you holding your favorite coffee mug, a glass of wine, or your favorite book; the options are endless!

Here are two cute options of off the shoulder sweaters;

Next; the little black dress. I feel like no matter if you are a dress girl or not, you have a little back dress in your closet! Of course, it doesn't have to be a little black dress; any go-to dress of yours will do just fine! Something you feel confident and sexy in is key!

Here are some cute dresses I found online;

Going off the little back dress train, SLIP DRESSES. I don't know if it's because the 90s are coming back, but I am OBSESSED with slip-dresses these days.

Here are some options;

You NEED to bring a good-fitting pair of jeans. You know, the ones you have broke in just right and fit like a glove; YUP, THOSE ONES! We can do a variety of different pictures using jeans that show off your sexy side! I love adding a pair of lacy underthangs and having you pull the jeans down just slightly to get a little peak! Not to mention, a cute bra with jeans is an AMAZING combo. Seriously who would have thought we could make jeans so hot!

Next, a perfect item to bring to cover up a little bit of skin but not wholly is a lace robe! We can pull it off the shoulder, use it to cover different areas, the list goes on and on! We can add it on top of items you aren't so comfortable in or use it to add some pizzaz to an outfit with your jeans. You can never go wrong with bringing a robe with you. As you can see in the picture above, we have this GORGEOUS (and very extra) robe we can add for some spice!

Robe ideas;

Okay, let's talk about BODYSUITS. I am not talking about the lacy lingerie body suits; I am talking about the body suits you probably already have in your closet. Just those plain body suits will do just fine!

If you are interested in purchasing some odd suits that are on the sexy side but are a little more coverage, girl, I got some options for you! Love sleeve body suits are becoming some of my favorite pieces to photograph. Something about them screams elegance yet sexy- I don't know how to explain it! But trust me on this. Another good option is body suits with a high neck; you can make your other features the center of attention.

Bodysuit ideas;

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