• Kara Ames

Lingerie Ideas for your Boudoir Shoot

When you book a session with Soul Shine Boudoir, you get an extensive experience guide to help you get ready for your shoot. This includes 3 pages on what to bring! Even with all those ideas it can still be a challenge to find those specific perfect piece to bring to your shoot. We live in a world with the internet at our fingertips, so it can be a bit overwhelming to say the least when you type in Google “cute lingerie” and 50 million options come up. So here is a few of my favorite pieces right now that you can find right on Amazon. All super reasonable price wise and all SUPER cute!

The details. The lace. Enough said.


Have I ever mentioned that I am absolutely obsessed with long sleeved body suits?? They are so sexy, yet provide just a little bit more coverage if you aren’t wanting to bare it all.


Can we just talk about the details on this for a minute??? I am obsessed.


Everything about this two piece is to die for. So flattering. So sexy. And I am just obsessed with the cap sleeve.


This piece to me just screams elegant yet sensual.. not to mention the long sleeves.. 10000/10


Last but CERTAINLY not least this absolutely gorgeous body suit with a key hole detail!


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