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Bra & Panty Sets to Buy for Your Boudoir Session

I LOVE Aerie! I love the brand's message; I love their inclusivity; I just love so many things about the brand itself, mainly its outstanding quality in bras! They are so cute, come in so many sizes, and generally speaking, are fairly priced. So not only can you snag some of these super cute bras to wear for your boudoir session, but you can also just wear them day to day! Not to mention, I just recently learned that if you take your used bra to Aerie, they donate them to women in need, AND you get a $5 credit for every bra you bring. So while you're in the market for some cute matching items for your boudoir session, you can get rid of those old bras that have been lying around for years! It doesn't even have to be from Aerie! It can be any brand.

The details on this one is seriously to die for! I love the intricate details!

Can we just talk about this color for a moment... it honestly looks so good on every skin color

If you are wanting something more unique and eye-catching, THIS one is your you. The colors and details are breathtaking.

Who doesn't love a good bralette? Especially an insanity cute one


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