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Lingerie Basics for a Boudoir Session

The wardrobe is a significant stressor for most ladies coming to do a boudoir shoot. I am constantly scouring the internet for different pieces to recommend to ladies to help remove that stress just a bit. At this point, we probably have ten blogs on various bodysuits, bras, and all the underthings to bring to a boudoir shoot. BUT today, we are sticking to the basics. They are NOT basic by any means but are great stable pieces to get if you only want a few pieces that pack a punch! The ones that if you are only going to buy a few pieces for your boudoir session, THESE are the ones to get! If you are on a budget, a girl who likes to keep things simple, or don't know where to start when buying lingerie for your boudoir session, THIS is the blog for you. These pieces are flattering, come in many color options, and not to mention, are all under $20 on Amazon. These pieces are even great as staples to have for your session, and then sprinkle some fun pieces throughout! The options are limitless! What more could a gal ask for?

So here are the basic pieces that are great for your boudoir shoot.

First, I recommend bringing a nude strapless bra; you may even have one in your closet already! This isn't for shooting in; instead, it is to put under body suits. It adds a little support and comfort that the body suits usually do not offer; if it's nude, you won't even be able to see it!

Same with the nude bra, a black pair of panties are great for adding some comfort to body suits! Not to mention we can incorporate the black panties with a cozy sweater, a leather jacket, a jean jacket, etc., for some cute shots as well! You can never go wrong with bringing a pair of black panties to your boudoir session.

This bodysuit is a STAPLE for boudoir sessions. It is SO CUTE, flattering, and has 20 color options to choose from. We have several of these in various colors in our client closet! You cannot go wrong with this bodysuit.

Another staple that we have in our client closet. It offers a little more pizzazz than the first one with the added details! This one even has underwire in the bust to give some added lift and support! Like the previous bodysuit, this one is so flattering on every body type, comes in many color options, and is a great piece to bring to your boudoir session.

You seriously cannot go wrong with a matching bra and panty set. I love this one since the bralette is a little longer, and the panties are high-waisted; it just creates such a flattering shape.

I could seriously shoot an entire boudoir session in a basic bra and panty set. This bra has an underwire, so it will add some extra support and lift! We can add pieces over it like a robe or a sweater; there are seriously so many options.

And VOILA! 6 staple pieces to bring to a boudoir shoot; if you are only going to get a few things to your session, THESE are the ones to bring! Even if these pieces don't suit your fantasy, take them as a guide! Find 2-3 body suits that you love and 2-3 matching bra and panty sets that look amazing, and you will be good to go!

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