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Lingerie Based on your Zodiac Sign: TAURUS🪴

Next in our lingerie to wear based on your Zodiac sign series is DRUM ROLL PLEASE...TAURUS! If you were born April 20th to May 20th you are a TAURUS! Tauruses are reliable, practical, and probably most known for being stubborn (in the best way possible 😉). Taurus love to be surrounded by love and beauty as they are ruled by Venus. They tend to love the finer things in life and most often prefer to stay at home to pamper themselves and relax.

When choosing lingerie for all my Taurus out there, I picked the pieces I can ALWAYS depend on. These pieces are comfortable, have a luxurious look, and never fail!

I am ALWAYS recommending this Amazon bodysuit to EVERYONE! I absolutely love it and how it has a built-in cup, all the color options, and not to mention is under $20!

Taurus are very practical. So when it comes to lingerie, finding pieces that can also be worn out with a pair of jeans is KEY!

A classic black bodysuit, but make it ✨ elevated ✨

I honestly think this is my top recommended bodysuit! It is such a staple piece.

I don't make the rules BUT I definitely think this shade of dark green was made for Taurus 😉

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