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Lingerie Based on your Zodiac Sign: ARIES 🔥

I am so excited about this new blog series: lingerie for your boudoir session based on your zodiac sign! First on the list is ARIES. 

If you were born March 21 to April 19, my friend you are an Aries! Aries are BOLD, they are passionate, motivated, and they are most definitely CONFIDENT. Aries truly have such a presence to them that really makes everyone in the room want to get to know them. Aries like to do now, and think about it later. They are fun, chaotic, and full of energy. Aries pack a punch, and their lingerie has to keep up with their fiery personality. The pieces I chose for all my Aries out there are bold, demand attention, and are HOTTT 🔥

This bodysuit just embodies Aries to me. The red, all the straps, EVERYTHING! I love how the top has cups for that litttle extra support as well!

This bodysuit is anything but basic like Aries

This red two-piece matching set will turns heads just like Aries do

I hope you're noticing the trend going on here... give me all the strappy lingerie 

Last but definitely not least 🔥

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