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Items That Will Personalize Your Boudoir Session

When you come for your boudoir session, it is completely customized to you and your vision. Your color pallet, the poses, the vibe, it is alllll you! On top of that, I always encourage ladies to bring items that have meaning and can add an extra personal touch throughout your session. The following are just a few ideas of things to bring to your boudoir session to add additional personalization. The sky is truly the limit!

Something from a hobby you have

Paintbrush for painting

Your favorite books

Your favorite mug


Something from your significant other

Jersey from a favorite sports team

Their work shirt

Things you wear every day




Something special from your wedding

Shoes you wore

His suit jacket



Bottle of favorite alcohol

Birthday cake for your birthday


Cowboy boots (we are in western PA, I know you got a pair 😉)

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