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How to Score $100 off a Boudoir Session

Looking for a super easy way to score $100 off your boudoir session? Let me just tell you it is SUPER easy! All you have to do is, DO A PHONE CALL WITH US. Seriously it is that simple. I put a high value on phone calls with clients. Since a boudoir is a very personal experience, I find that chatting and getting to know a client beforehand, can make clients feel SIGNIFICANTLY more comfortable. By the time they come to the studio, it's like we already know each other! Literally every client who has done a call, later says at their shoot, they feel so comfortable coming in already knowing what to expect.

Not only are you able to score $100 off the session but you are also able to easily ask questions you may have, talk about the vision of your shoot, and learn more about our experience. Plus, I always say it is so much easier to do a quick phone call rather than sending a million questions back and forth! Overall, the phone calls are something I really value and to show how much I value them, I give any client $100 off the session fee when they book during their phone call. Making our usual $599 session fee, $499! We are easily able to discuss our schedules and find the perfect date for your session.

Are you ready to do the boudoir session and score an extra $100 off? Book your call now:

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