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Closing Our Doors (for now)

Yes, you read that right. We have made the hard decision to close our studio in Hermiatge and take a step back from Soul Shine Boudoir. The past 6 years has been absolutely amazing, and the two years at the studio has been an absolute dream. Blood sweat and tears (litterally) has been poured into this business, so this was a difficult decision to make. There were a wide range of factors that went into deciding to take a step back. This decision did not come lightly and after much consideration, we had to do what is best for us and the business we have built. Building and running your own small business is not for the faint of heart, and right now, it is just our time to take a step back.

This isn’t a final goodbye, it is a see you soon! We will be stepping back and not booking any sessions, we will still be here posting and answering any questions you may have, but we will not be booking any sessions after October 1st 2022 for the time being. We know we will eventually start capturing sessions once more, but do not know when that will be, nor have a plan to when that will be. We will be sure to let everyone know once we decide its our time to come back.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our business over the past 6 years, we literally could not do it without you.

We will be having one final hoorah with discounted prices on our last remaining spots. We have spot remaining on September 8th and 22nd for $349. Please send us an email if you would be interested in booking one of our remaining spots.

XOXO The Soul Shine Team

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