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Christmas in July Sale (HALF OFF BOUDOIR SESSIONS)

Let's talk about our Christmas in July sale because it is seriously AMMAAAZZINNNGGG! For the month of July, you can book a session with us for HALF OFF. Yes, you read that right! Our usual session fee of $599 is now $299 for the entire month of July. This $299 session fee can be applied to ANY date we have remaining in 2023! We don't have too many dates remaining open, so you definitely do not want to miss out on this offer. This will be the last sale we will be doing on 2023 dates. No more discounted full sessions after this! Our next major sale will be on Black Friday for 2024 dates.

You are probably wondering, okay this sale sounds good, but what is all included? Let me tell you! When you book a session with us, you receive an experience guide detailing EVERYTHING you need to know coming into your boudoir session. From how to prep, what to expect, what to bring etc. We cover it ALLLL! You also have full access to our blogs where you can get ideas and links on different outfit ideas and even more tips and tricks. On the day of the session, you will receive professional hair and makeup done on-site. Whatever look you desire, our hair and makeup artist got you covered! Whether you want something natural, glam, or colorful, she will have you feeling like a MILLION BUCKS! While we do ask you to bring a couple of outfits/ pieces with you for the session, we also have a fully stocked client closet that you are welcome to check out to add a little spice to what you brought with you. We have heels, fur coats, and bodysuits, it's literally a DREAM! After you are done with hair and makeup, we will shoot for about one hour. You do not need to come into the session knowing how to pose, because I will guide you through everything! Down to what to do with your toes and your nose! With the $299 session, there are 5 digital images included. These will be picked during the session. If you are looking for more like wall art, an album, more digitals, etc. we do have a plethora of collection options for you. If you want more, you will come back for an ordering appointment. At the ordering appointment, we will go through your images together and choose what collection works for you. We have a wide range of options for collections, these start at $799 and go up from there. We have in-house payment plans that you are welcome to take advantage of as well!

Now what is stopping you from booking? Shoot us a message and we will find a date that is perfect for your session 💞

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