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And That’s a Wrap 🖤

And that's a wrap. The last weekend of sessions. It is hard to describe the feeling of being "done." We have been in the business for over six years now, so not having any clients on the books is SUCH a weird feeling. Constant sessions, mini sessions, marketing, ordering products, and balancing that with life. It could definitely be crazy at times. I am sad to part ways, even though it is temporary, but also excited about what is in store. If you know ANYTHING about me, it is that the creative ideas are ALWAYS flowing. I have already thought up some potential ideas for the future 👀🤣 We are aiming for Spring of 2024 to start rebooking once more. But in the meantime, we are going to take this time to rethink and completly revamp our boudoir process.

To be able to spend that extra time with the family is going to be a major blessing. Major thank you to all the clients who have supported us over the years. Your support means everything for my small business. We literally couldn't do it without our amazing clients. You are why we do what we do 🖤 We cannot wait to see you again. We will let you know when we are officially back to booking (and better than ever!)

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