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3 Boudoir Secrets to Know

Everyone feels the nerves

Being nervous about doing your boudoir session is something that is completely normal. I promise you everyone feels the nerves you are also feeling. Everyone has something they are insecure about that is in the back of their mind when they come to do their session. But the key is not letting that hold you back. Life is too short to let those insecurities run your life and dictate how you feel. Even though they may be there, don't let them have the power over you.

There is never a "right" time besides now

Oftentimes, ladies tell me they are waiting until they feel more confident, until they lose X amount of pounds, until they have a person to give a present to. And I want to through alllll that out and say there is no better time to do the session than NOW! Boudoir sessions are about embracing who YOU are, EXACTLY the way you are. You SHOULD NOT change anything about yourself in order to do the boudoir session. You should not wait to do the boudoir session for someone, do it for YOU!

You don't have to spend a fortune on lingerie

There are so many places that offer amazing lingerie at really affordable prices. You can totally skip out on Victoria's Secret! Amazon is my TOP place to recommend when it comes to lingerie. You can get an entire boudoir wardrobe for well under $100 on Amazon. Some of my favorite bodysuits are only $15. For quality, I recommend around three to four bodysuits and one matching bra and panty set for a boudoir session. Amazon is great with returns so if you don't feel absolutely amazing in the bodysuit, you can just return it. I have a multitude of blogs that feature specific places as well as specific bodysuits that I definitely recommend checking out!

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