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Why Its Okay To Take A Break From EVERYTHING

When was the last time you took a break? Had a moment or two just for yourself? I know personally, if I don't take a break, I cannot function! You owe it to yourself and others to take time off of EVERYTHING, take a break, and indulge in something just for you. Whether it is 10 minutes to yourself or a weekend of self-care, what you need is valid and deserved. Whether it is something big like treating yourself to a boudoir session or buying yourself a new book to read, you deserve the "me time." You are not your best self when you're stressed and overwhelmed. I feel like we live in a society that is a lot of "go, go, go!" "Hustle," "Put others before your own needs," and which all are great and needed if we don't balance those things with some "me" time, things just aren't going to work. If I haven't had some "me" time where I just take a break from life, I am not my best. But the moment I have some time to step back and taking myself out of the equation and reflect on what's going on around me, I see things in a whole new way. This is your sign to take some time and stopping the motions. I promise you when you do, clarity comes. So next time you're feeling burnt out or overwhelmed, SIMPLE go for a walk, grab a coffee and a book, and see what a break does for you.

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