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The Secret to Effortless Curls

Taking over the blog this week once again is our hair and makeup artist, Kaylee! If you haven't seen her previous blog take over going over her favorite makeup products, click here to read it! Today, Kaylee is going to be talking about the products she uses to give our clients the soft, natural waves that have become a staple in the Soul Shine Boudoir experience.

My favorite hair style for boudoir sessions is definitely some curls. They add a playfulness to the shoot that is unmatched. You can toss them around, run your fingers through it, and the look just appears so effortless. I always recommend some curls or even just a little wave. When clients say "surprise me!" while in hair and makeup, I always know what look I am going to go for; soft playful curls. Nothing too structured or formal, but just a fun bouncy curl.

To get this look; is seriously SO easy. The first step and the star of the show is the curling iron. I use the Paul Mitchell curling wand. This thing seriously does the work for you (not literally but you know what I mean.) It comes with three different wand attachments that are perfect for all types of hair lengths and styles. You can find it right on Amazon! The price varies from time to time, but when you catch it at a good time, you can get it for around $50. And it is SO worth it. It is my go-to curling wand that I use nearly every day for myself. The curls last FOREVER. I swear sometimes the next day I still have a good curl in my hair, without even using any products to help it hold. If you are going to have one styling tool in your life the Paul Mitchell wand is the one you need! I always make sure I curl the hair away from the face and then after I go through and add a few pieces going the opposite way in each section to add some dimension. After that, I run my fingers through the curls, break them up, and shake them out. This is key to creating the playful and effortless look

Next is the hairspray. I use and swear by the Sebastian Professional Shaper Fiercer, Ultra Hold Finishing Hairspray. This still is AMAZING. It holds a curl forever but doesn't leave the hair feeling crunchy and gross like how some hairsprays do. It is amazing and I cannot say

enough good things about the hair spray

Finally, to bring everything together, I tease the roots. Not too much, we aren't looking like Dolly Parton, but just waiting to add some volume. It is a little step that makes all the difference, trust me!

And it is seriously as simple as that. Curling hair can be intimidating but I can promise you that these tools and products will make you never look back.

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