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5 Makeup Products You NEED

If you have done a boudoir sesh with Soul Shine Boudoir, you have definitely met our hair and makeup artist, Kaylee. Kaylee has been doing makeup for six years and has worked exclusively with us for the past five years. Kaylee has been with us since the VERY beginning. I am pretty sure she has done the glam for all but 3 of the sessions. She is a STAPLE in the Soul Shine Boudoir Experience. Today she is doing a BLOG TAKE OVER and will be going over some of her favorite beauty products.

If you have come to your boudoir session and either didn't know what kind of look you were going for or told me to do whatever I wanted, most likely I gave you a "snatural" look (10 points for you if you remembered the term lol!). This is my all-time favorite look/style when it comes to boudoir makeup, and it looks AMAZING on everyone! It entails bronze, glowy, fresh skin, light eye makeup with a bit of shimmer, lashes, and a nude lip. Snatched, but natural. Each client gets a modified version of these staples to flatter their natural beauty. I am all about light layers, glowy skin, and making you feel your most confident self before going into your boudoir session! The following are five products to get that snatural look;


Milk Makeup Hydrogrip Primer. This stuff is like actual glue. Not even kidding. It provides a tacky base to help the other products stick! It is a staple to have in your makeup routine to help your makeup last all day.


Maybelline Fit Me Dewy and Smooth Foundation. We are keeping on the glowy trend, and THIS foundation is key. It provides such a fresh and healthy-looking sheen to the skin. Some foundations make the skin look dull, but this Maybelline Fit Me literally looks like skin. I don't even use concealer half the time because this foundation is so buildable. I use about three different shades for each person. One that matches, one lighter, and one darker to start to base for natural-looking highlight and contour.

Cream contour

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Makeup Sticks ARE MY HOLY GRAIL for contour! I absolutely love these; they are stable with every face. I cannot tell you how many of these I have gone through. Nothing compares to these $4 contour sticks. I tried the Channel Cream Contour, the Fenty Beauty contour sticks, you name it, I have tried it, and NOTHING is better than the Wet n Wild ones! I warm them on the back of my hand, dab an angled foundation brush into them, and apply them to the face.


If you need any blush pallet, it is the Nars Afterglow Cheek Pallete. It has gorgeous cheek colors suitable for every skin tone and even has some highlighter shades that are to die for.


I have convinced ALL BUT ONE of the ladies doing a boudoir session to put on falsies. I am the biggest fan of fake lashes. They make the eyes really pop and bring them out in the pictures. I have tried so many different types of lashes, but my tried and true set of lashes are ones you can get right at Walmart. The Kiss #11 lashes flatter every eye shape there is. No lash I have found compares! They are a great length and have a tapered look to add a little glam, but not too much!

Sometimes if the client wants something really natural, I skip the eye shadow altogether and just stick with the lashes. The lashes on their own are AMAZING.

BONUS TIP- to get the glowy skin, it starts with skin care. I always make sure to start with either a moisturizer or a skin oil, depending on the client's skin, to get that glowy and fresh-looking base before the makeup.

These products are KEY products in the snatural look. One of the essential parts of the snatural face is the fresh, glowy skin; these products will help you with the glow! Stay tuned for a future blog where I go over the snatural eye look!

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