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When is the Right Time to do a Boudoir Session?

The simplest answer to this question would be RIGHT NOW! But seriously, I always recommend ladies to book the session the moment they start thinking about doing a session. Booking the boudoir session is one of the hardest parts of the entire boudoir process. Taking that leap of faith is hard. Doing something that may be out of your comfort zone is not an easy task. That is why I always recommend to just jumping right into it and never looking back.

The more "practical" way to answer the question of when is the right time to do a session is to perhaps look at the milestones in your life for the year. Do you have a birthday coming up? Getting married, celebrating an anniversary, having a baby, just having your last baby? Have you hit a personal goal you have set for yourself? These are things to consider when booking a session. Come treat yourself on your birthday and get all glammed, feel amazing, and make plans to go out later that evening. The same thing goes with anniversaries or when you are getting married. Book your session and plan a date night for that night and have an AMAZING personalized gift for when the big day or anniversary comes along.

Sometimes, you do not need a milestone at all rather, you are just wanting to spice things up! The majority of my clients do a boudoir shoot just because they want to! They are looking for a way to change the way they view themselves, are looking for personal growth, or just want to feel sexy!

Above all else, I cannot stress enough, please do not change yourself in order to book your boudoir session. I absolutely do not recommend ladies to have the mindset of "lose X pounds THEN I get to do a boudoir shoot." Boudoir is about embracing who you are, exactly the way you are. Do not feel pressured or obligated to lose weight or change something about yourself in order to do a boudoir shoot. That is not what these sessions are about. Society puts enough pressure on women to look a certain way by creating unrealistic beauty standards and at Soul Shine Boudoir, we do not subscribe to that. We promote self-love, self-acceptance, and overall just loving who you are, exactly the way you are.

Regardless of the reasons you are debating doing a boudoir shoot, they are all valid. Whatever your reason may be, I am glad you are doing something for yourself. I cannot stress enough that a boudoir session is something every woman should do at least once in their life. I have clients come back many times throughout the years for different reasons and more celebrations.


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