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The Secret to Having an Amazing Boudoir Expirience

The secret to having an amazing boudoir session is really quite easy. The secret to having that empowering boudoir session experience you see others having is to; come with an open mind. It's really that simple, I promise. When getting ready for a boudoir shoot, it is important to not forget the "mental prep" that goes into it! I know most ladies are worried about getting their wardrobe perfect, nails done, hair done, etc. But we cannot overlook our attitude toward the session! Do not fill your head with negative thoughts while preparing for your boudoir session. I know it is hard, and we all have our incecurities, but we cannot let the insecurities overpower all the amazing things about ourselves! While leading up to your boudoir session, if you find yourself with a negative thought like "I am too old for this" "I am not pretty enough for this" or "I should have lost more weight" IMMEDIATELY stop that thought, and turn it into something positive. "I deserve this", "I am beautiful", and "I am worthy," are just a few examples. Our minds are such powerful things, fill them with love and positivity, and you will be surprised about what will happen. Your attitude towards your boudoir session is crucial in having that powerful and empowering experience. If you come in with an open mind, beautiful things will happen. You are in the hands of ladies with years of expertise in this area. Our hair and makeup artist has been working with us for the past 6 years and has mastered the art of photography makeup. Your photographer, Kara, has had over 6 years of experience and countless numbers of classes, workshops, and model run, to ensure she can capture your beauty perfectly. Know that you are in great hands, and do not need to sweat the small stuff like posing and how to executable your curves in pictures. Because you are in the best hands! We will answer any question you may have leading up to it and help you guide you through the whole process, but the most important thing you, and only you, can do is come with an open mind. Do your best to crush the negative thoughts and replace them with the positive. Because the trusty of it is; every woman is beautiful and is deserving of an empowering experience like a boudoir session.

When it comes to things like wardrobe, and making sure your hair and nails are done, those are all icing on the cake for a boudoir session. But the true purpose and what you will see shining in the pictures is YOU. Make sure you are giving yourself the love you so freely give to others.

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