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The Do’s and Don’ts Leading Up to a Boudoir Session

Do: Try on all your outfits beforehand!

Making sure all your outfits fit and you feel comfortable in them, is very important. We want you to be your most confident self in these pictures. So make sure you have a few species that you feel amazing in. You really don't need a million pieces of lingerie to do a boudoir session, just a few killer pieces are all you need!

Don't: Stay too long in the sun

Especially now that we are creeping closer to spring and summer, make sure you are aware of your sun exposure in the days leading up to your session. You don't want to be sunburnt in your pictures! I am all for getting some sun and evening out tan lines before a session, but just make sure you are using your sunscreen to avoid getting burnt!

Do: Make sure your nails aren't chipped

A day or two before your session, give your nails a fresh coat of paint, or get them done if that is your jam! I always tell my clients, naked nails are better than ones that have chipped nail polish, so when in doubt just come with nothing on your nails!

Don't: Experiment with new products

Treating yourself to a new face mask might not be a good idea right before your session! I would stick to what you know works for you and your skin/body leading up to your session. Avoid trying new products just in case to avoid any reactions or breakouts!

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