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New 2023 Boudoir Pricing

At Soul Shine Boudoir, we are always trying to update our studio space as well as provide the top luxury experience. We have been making some changes behind the scenes as well as some studio upgrades in the works! One of these changes that we have made behind the scenes is our pricing. Before 2023, we had a flat session fee where that just secured your session. While you got the full luxury experience included with hair and makeup, pamper package, and an experience guide; there were no images, artwork, etc. included in this session fee. It was essentially securing your preferred session date. All purchasing of images, artwork, etc were purchased at your ordering appointment 1-2 weeks after your session. At the ordering appointment, you and our photographer Kara, would together go through all the images and pick a collection that was best for you. While we still are implementing something similar to this, we have made some changes for 2023.

Boudoir Pricing Going Forward

For 2023, we will be implementing a more all-inclusive session fee, thus the new session fee will be $599. As always, there is the opportunity to get $100 off this session fee by doing a quick and easy phone call! Anyone who does a phone call gets a 24-hour voucher to apply to snag the $100 off the session fee making it $499. Included in this session fee will be the usual; professional hair and makeup, pamper package, and experience guide. But what is different about this new session fee is that 5 digital images are also included! So when you come, you are automatically getting 5 digital images. If digitals are all you want, you are all set! Kara will hand-pick your images for you, no need to come back for your ordering appointment. But if you are looking for an album, artwork, prints, folios, etc upgrading at the ordering appointment is still an option for you! You still have the option to come back 1-2 weeks later to go through your images, select more, pick out an album, and select your artwork. Similar to our previous methods, these will be purchased in collections. These collections start at $799 and go up from there.

We are so excited to be offering more of a variety of options for our clients and budgets. We truly believe every woman should have the opportunity to do a boudoir session and feel empowered.

Interested in snagging the extra $100 off? Book a call here:

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