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Maternity Boudoir

I have done serval maternity style boudoir shoots, each unique and beautiful in its own way. It is such an empowering way to celebrate your pregnancy. As your photographer, it is my duty to personalize your shoot to you and your vision. We can highlight your bump and have it featured in every single photograph. But on the other hand, if you don't want your pregnancy to be the star of the shoot, I got you too! With my expertise in styling and posing, there will be pictures where you have no idea that you have a baby bump. Your boudoir session is completely customized to you and your vision! Here at Soul Shine Boudoir, we can highlight your pregnancy or pose you so that you can't even see your belly. Below are some photos from the same shoot, this lovely lady was expecting during her shoot, and as you can see, in some pictures, her baby bump is highlighted, while in the others, you wouldn't even know she was pregnant!

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