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Lingerie Based on your Zodiac Sign… PISCES 🐚

Last but not least in our Lingerie based on your zodiac sign series is... PISCES!

If you were born February 19th to Mach 20th, girl you are a Pisces! Pisces are sensitive creatures with a creative mind. They feel all their emotions so deeply and often channel their emotions into their creative outlets. They are the crafters and the makers. Pisces often find that their minds are constantly split between fantastic and reality. They sometimes live with their head in the clouds but will always see the best in others and situations.

When choosing lingerie for all the Pisces out there I wanted to find pieces that are more dainty and VERY feminine. Lacey details are an absolute MUST.

This lilac color has Pisces ALLLL over it.


Obsessed with this set

LOVE the off the shoulder LOVE the sleeves.

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