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Do You Want to Pair With Soul Shine Boudoir?

Soul Shine Boudoir is looking to branch out and are on the hunt for recommendations of events and businesses to pair with! Ideally we are looking for the following but will consider any and all suggestions near and far:

Locally owned businesses that service or support women. Places such as salons, spas, boutiques, womens groups, restaurants, physicians, dance or art studios, bridal shops, event venues…basically any place women go and that may like to hang some beautiful artwork in their space or just some reciprocal advertising

Sponsorship for events large and small: golf outings, benefit dinners, craft fairs, poker runs, horse shows, program sponsors, race tracks, etc

We have a long list of places we are considering but as always would love to support businesses and events that are near and dear to my friends & family first! If you have a suggestion and know who we could contact, please send them our way!

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