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Come on Boudoir, Let’s Go Party! 💖👙💄👛💋🎀

Come on Boudoir, let's go party!

Our studio has been transformed into a dream house with PINKTASTIC custom-made sets. These pocket-sized sessions are the full boudoir experience but with a twist of course! This means you will still be getting dolled up with our professional hair and makeup, have an hour-long photo shoot, and will receive 5 digital images. While you will still have access to our full detailed experience guide that is given for every boudoir session, we wanted to create a custom guide for these mini-sessions. In this guide, you will find some tips and some outfit suggestions!

Before Session Prep

First things first to achieving that doll-like look is exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Use your favorite exfoliator a few times to achieve that plastic-like skin. Follow up with a body butter and your skin will be looking DREAMY. Do this the week of, and if you have time, do it right before you come to your session!

Hydration comes from within, so while I recommend to really be slathering on the moisturizer, make sure you are also drinking plenty of water! This will give your skin a glow that no moisturizer can achieve! Plus, boudoir posing can be a physically demanding process (seriously, I am not kidding!) so we want to ensure you are hydrated and ready to slay!

While you may be tempted to lay outside to get a fresh tan before your session, please please please make sure you use SPF! You do not want to get a sunburn before your session!


Our on-site hair and makeup artist will help you achieve that doll-like look! She can help you achieve any look of your wildest dreams, so have a look in mind you would like to go for 😊

Outfit Ideas

It is time to channel your inner doll. Here are a couple of super fun recommendations we have found that would be KILLER! Of course, these are just suggestions, buy things that you feel confident and amazing in! I would recommend outfits that are black, white, and of course PINK! Don't just think you need to bring only lingerie for this shoot, have some fun with it! Bring your favorite dress, outfit to wear, ANYTHING! This is your time to be a life-size doll and play dress up! Since these sessions are right around the corner, I made sure to only choose pieces from Amazon. Of course, before you start adding things to your cart, check out your closet beforehand to see what goodies you already have!

IT'S ICONIC (and it's a bathing suit you can rock the rest of the summer!)

This is always a bodysuit I recommend, plus look at all the colors to choose from!

Can we just talk about this color...


LOVE this one shoulder

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