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Client Appreciation Week Sale

It's CLIENT APPRECIATION WEEK! I have been learning and growing as a boudoir photographer for the past six years. We have gone from doing sessions in a bed and breakfast to having our own studio space with more sets than I can imagine. It indeed has been a learning process over the past six years. Figuring out flow, posing, and ways to enhance the client experience is not an easy task. Thankfully, I was able to add an office manager to my team. Most of you know Kaylee as my hair and makeup artist, but she manages most of the business-related things behind the scenes. She's always sending out emails and invoices and ensuring our social media presence is top-notch. Not to mention she always is so eager to listen to all my crazy ideas! We also had terrific ambassadors by our side this past year, helping spread the messages I promote through my work.

For me, boudoir has always been more than just a sexy photo shoot. Boudoir, for me, has always been about aiding women in being their most comfortable selves. To be at peace with who they are and what they look like. To eradicate the unhealthy beauty standards society has placed on us. Boudoir is about embracing who you are, exactly the way you are. It is about shedding down to your barest self and reveling in it. Boudoir photography goes deeper than just photos; it can be a mind, body, and soul experience when you come into my studio with an open mind. I have worked hard over the years, taking workshops and classes to extend my knowledge. I have done countless model sessions to test out all the crazy ideas that wrack my brain. I have put in the work to ensure I can give all my clients the most personal and elevated experience possible, and I want to celebrate this growth with my previous (and future!) clients.

Anyone who books a session with us this week can receive 70% off our session fee. Only $99 to secure your spot. We have a range of dates in the remaining year for you to choose from, including weekends!

Here is the link to book your spot:

Once you pick your date and time; we will send you over the invoice and contract for you to sign!

Previous clients are aware, but new clients may not know that the session fee DOES NOT include any pictures, digitals, artwork, etc. These are all purchased separately after your session is completed. You will return to the studio 1-2 weeks after your session, and together we will review your photos, choose the ones you love, and find a collection that works for you and your budget. We offer in-house interest-free payment plans that can be extended up to 12 months after your shoot. We also offer discounts for cash. I try my hardest to make these sessions excessively for any budget, but it is a luxury experience that I provide.

On top of the major sale this week, I am also having a party for my previous clients. Specifically, an autograph party on August 12 @ 6:00! I will have my previous clients select their favorite image from their session and have them digitally sign it. The party is just getting started with the autographs; we will have tunes playing, cocktails, and some snacks—a sanctuary for the ladies to kick back and hang out. If you are interested in doing a shoot, I welcome you to stop by as well; come see the studio and chat with us!

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