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Capturing Cozy and Comfy Boudoir 🍁🎃🍂

Fall has to be my favorite season of the year. I love the leaves changing, the falling temperature, and the overall feeling the season brings. Blankets feel a little more cozy and coffee tastes just a little bit better in the fall. It is the season of cozy and comfy. Nothing is better than fall. One of my favorite things to do with boudoir sessions is incorporate different "themes" into a session. Not a hardcore crazy theme, but something inspired by. Something subtle that gives you the feeling of what you're trying to accomplish without it being completely in your face.

For fall, it is all about capturing that cozy and comfy theme. Honestly, these pictures are some of my all-time favorites to capture. Ladies seem so "in their element" in them and they offer such a personalized moment in your shoot. To bring the cozy comfy boudoir vibes to life, it is really quite easy.

Color Story

First, a simple and easy way to get that cozy and comfy fall vibe to a boudoir session is to pick a color story that screams fall. For me, I think of rich colors for the fall time. Ones like mustard, terracotta, rust, sage, and olive tones just scream fall and would create an AMAZING color story. Whatever colors you associate with fall, this is an amazing first step to getting the cozy comfy fall vives.


The first step, SWEATERS! Not just any sweater, but an oversized comfy sweater that you can pull off the shoulder. This paired with a pair of cute panties.... can you see the vision already?? All cozied up on the bed, SEXY but still capturing that comfy coziness!


Hello, flannels in fall in western PA kind of sounds like a no-brainer for me. A cute bra and panty set under an oversized flannel, I mean how much better (and fall) could it be???


To even add onto the coziness, I love to add in a client's favorite mug, or a mug we have at the studio. The pictures say "I just woke up and am effortlessly sipping my coffee in bed without a care in the world." The mugs are great because clients can bring their favorite mug or one that has sentimental meaning to add that little personalized detail to show your story and personality to the pictures.


I am a gal that loves reading a good book any time out of the year, but something about reading a good book in the fall time is just superior and you cannot change my mind. If you are also a big reader, bring your favorite book to your session and we can make some magic! Similar to the mug, think just effortlessly sitting in bed reading a good book while looking SMOKING HOT!

Boudoir sessions are unique in that how customizable they are. Swap a couch, throw up a background, and put up a prop and you have an entirely different vibe for the session. BUT by incorporating things as simple as a flannel, you can channel a vibe all on its own.

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