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Bodysuits from Amazon that you NEED for a Boudoir Session!

Amazon is my top recommended place to find lingerie. I am sure nearly 90% of the population has a Prime account at this point. But when it comes to lingerie, you cannot beat Amazon. There are so many affordable options, there is a wide variety, and let's just talk about that 2-day shipping. Amazon is also super good with returns. So literally if you do not like the piece after trying it on, just send it back!

I recommend ladies bring 5-8 pieces to their boudoir session. Whether this is a combo of bodysuits, bra and panty set, or casual wear, that is up to you. Whatever you choose to bring, I HIGHLY recommend trying everything on before you bring it. When you try your pieces on, STRIKE A POSE! I know this sounds crazy, but trust me it makes a difference. You are not going to be standing straight on in your pictures, so to get a better idea of what the pieces are going to look like in session, you're going to have to strike a pose. Pop that booty out, look over your shoulder, and get into it! You will be able to get a better idea of how the piece will look like in the session. If you are unsure about some pieces, definitely still bring them. I always say variety is key and once you are in the studio feeling good with your hair and makeup done, doing all the poses, you are going to wish you brought all the pieces you were unsure of! So it is best to just bring it. With all that being said, let's get into some smoking bodysuits from Amazon that I recommend for a boudoir session! All of these are black, so sexy, and really will pack a punch for a session.

A client brought this bodysuit into her session and I instantly needed to have the link for it. Such a great piece that I cannot recommend it enough!

Can we just talk about the booty details on this bodysuit... SO CUTE.

I have definitely recommended this one before, but it deserves all the hype because it is AMAZING! The details are so great and for the price, you cannot beat it!

This one is for my cheetah print girls! I have so many ladies come in and say they were trying to find something cheetah print, but couldn't find a thing. HERE YOU GO, GIRL!

Keeping it classic with this bodysuit.

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