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3 Things to do the Morning of Your Boudoir Session

So you booked the boudoir session and your session date and HERE! Ladies always tell me their nerves are wrecked the morning of their session. The overthinking starts to happen and the nerves are kicking in. COMPLETELY NORMAL! This is something out of the majority of women's comfort zones, it is completely fine to feel nervous, literally, everyone does. I have a few tips for you to help you battle the boudoir nerves and help you feel your best before your session! 

  1. Focus on hydration. As silly as this sounds, being hydrated and having a good breakfast affects how you will feel during your session. This honestly can be a physically demanding process. Holding these poses is tough work, I SWEAR! So make sure you are chugging ALLL the water, it will help you feel energized and give your skin that healthy glow. 

  2. Double-check that you have all your goodies packed! I cannot tell you how many times ladies come in and say I was so stressed and frazzled that I completely forgot something. So take a minute to sit down, look through your bag, and make sure you have everything ready to go. Even those pieces or items that you are unsure of, BRING THEM! Seriously. You will regret not bringing every possible option. So double-check and make sure you have every outfit and accessory! Here is a list of a few things I can think of off the top of my head that is often forgotten so you can double-check:

    1. Wedding veil (future brides)

    2. Heels/ favorite shoes 

    3. Favorite jewelry pieces 

  3. Take a minute for yourself. Even if it is just 5 or 10 minutes. Do something for yourself. Read a few pages of a book, jam out to your favorite songs, sit and meditate, ANYTHING! Doing this will set the tone for the day and give you a minute of peace. 

While boudoir sessions can be nerve-wracking, I promise they are always worth it. On your drive over, put on your favorite tunes, and leave the self-doubt at home. The day is all about YOU. 

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