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17 Places to Buy Lingerie for Your Boudoir Session

Buying and finding good lingerie can be hard. With the internet at our fingertips, we have limitless options! So the question is where the heck do you start? Luckily, I am making it easy for you by finding the best places to find lingerie! Through six years of being a boudoir photographer, I have heard about these places from clients, done my own research, purchased items for the client closet, and compiled a list of places to get you started! These places vary from high-end to very affordable, there is something for everyone! REMINDER, you do NOT need to spend a lot of money on wardrobe for your boudoir session. Make sure you are checking out for sales and deals, about 90% of the stores listed below are always having some type of sale or deal going on.

  • Torrid 

    • They are ALWAYS having sales going on, so you can snag a great deal for some really high-quality pieces. Also has a great size range!

  • Amazon 

    • Some great stores include Adome, Avidlove, and Kaei&Shi. I am always finding great pieces on Amazon, and these stores are always the top contenders. 

  • Pretty Little Thing 

    • Great for finding matching sets! 

  • Lane Bryant 

    • GREAT place for bras 

  • Gabes 

    • I have found SOOOO many good and affordable pieces at my local Gabes, do not forget to check yours! 

  • Shein 

    • Make sure you are ordering far in advance because the shipping takes a hot minute. BUT all the pieces are SO cheap it is crazy, I have had many clients friend some great pieces!

  • Love, Vera 

    • Some of the pieces can be a bit more on the high-end/ pricey side, BUT the brand's messages are amazing and the lingerie is GORGEOUS.  

  • Lively

    • This place has a great matching bra and panty sets and they always have a mix-and-match sale going on!

  • Fredricks of Hollywood

    • This place has SUCH a great variety of pieces. Seriously everyone can find pieces they love here. The pieces are always so unique and fun, and not to mention they are always having a sale.  

  • Savage X Fenty

    • The size range of this store is AMAZING! They always have such fun pieces I haven't seen at any other places. 

  • Adore Me

    • ALWAYS a great place to find lingerie. From body suits to matching sets, they seriously got it all. Not to mention, they are always having sales and deals. 

  • Victoria Secret 

    • You have to admit, they make a great bra! 

  • Hips & Curves 

    • Great staples!

  • TJ Maxx

    • Do not forget to check out the Maxx! I have hit the jackpot so many times there! 

  • Urban Outfitters

    • A hidden gem for lingerie! The matching bra and panty sets are GORGEOUS. Great quality. 

  • Aerie 

    • Probably the best place for bra and panty sets! With such a wide variety of options, there is something for everyone! If you go to one of their stores, you can donate your old bras and they will give you a gift card! 

  • Skims 

    • Great place for basics! They are an investment, but you will not regret it! 

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